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Friday, 31 October 2014

Please also visit Tech & Online Stuff

Hello Everyone, I am really happy that this blog (Galaxy Y Nation) helped a lot of people. Thank you so much for making this blog a successful one. You guys are really awesome! Here i want to present our new blog "Tech & Online Stuff". Here is a short and sweet description of the new blog- On the blog i share all my knowledge and useful and informative things i know about the Tech and Online world. Some of the topic on which you will find article are- Blogging, How-to guides, tricks and tips, SEO, Making money online, online jobs. Please note, these are just SOME of the topics, The blog has just started, but there is going to be lot more and more cool stuff which will make it worth reading. If you do not find the topics of your interest right now, then please just DON't cross the tab, bookmark the site and visit it frequently, I am sure the blog will be of your use in future.

Please Follow "Tech & Online Stuff", Like it on Facebook (You can find the Facebook like box on the Tech and Online Stuff) Share about it to make that blog a success too. It was never possible without the support of you people and can never be. So it is a request to all my dear friends to join me on my new blog too. 

Thank you so much. You guys are awesome as usual.


Sunday, 2 March 2014


Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird has become one of the most popular mobile games. In our previous posts we mentioned about this insanely popular new game - Flappy Bird. This is the frustrating and very addictive game. It makes you want to throw your phone and smash it to bits! A very unconventional game. Developers at Flappy bird have so far released Flappy Bird for Apple iOS and Android OS. However, until this arrives, a Flappy Bird clone is already available to download via Windows Phone store. 

The makers of this game are very smart people, they made a game that will want people to keep going and get a high score this game really makes the brain thinks more although the concept sounds easy win you play it gets very crazy and sometimes you might get a high temper. Flap your wings to fly...

How to play:
> Tap to flap your wings to fly.
> Avoid pipes.
> Try to get 4 medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold (hard), Platinum (very hard)

Saturday, 10 August 2013

How to hide personal videos, music, photos and other stuff on Android Phone.

The app is cleverly disguised as "Audio Manager" in the App Drawer.
Disguises itself as a Audio Manager app which can be used to turn the volumes up and down. but if you Long press on the Audio Manager title the actual Hide It Pro app will launch, which is basically your secret vault of pics/videos/messages/apps etc.
Cover art
-- Features in Detail --

1.) App disguised behind a fully functional Audio Manager
2.) Categorize media into folders of your choice
3.) Batch(Multi-Select) support for hiding and unhiding pictures
4.) Delete/Share/Unhide/Move pictures between albums
5.) Sort files by date/size/name and sort folders by count/name
6.) Gallery features Pinch to Zoom , Double tap to zoom , One finger hold and move zoom
7.) Slideshow with Fade, Zoom, Swipe effects
8.) Send/Share pictures
9.) Special optimization for low end phones.
10.) Video player features play/pause/forward/rewind/next video/prev video support
11.) Disappears from recent apps list
12.) Two lock screen options viz Pin and Password
13.) Escape pin/password for times when you get caught
14.) Built in encryption tool(with military standard 256-bit AES encryption) to secure your most important files
15.) Plugins for features like Private Messaging / Calls , Private Browsing , Locking Apps.
Hide It Pro - screenshot Hide It Pro - screenshot
Hide It Pro - screenshot Hide It Pro - screenshot Hide It Pro - screenshot

Friday, 31 May 2013

Agent dash on galaxy Y

One of the most played game on android phones. But unfortunately it is not compatible with Samsung galaxy y Y.  So i use to play this game a lot in my cousin's phone. but few months back a patched version of the game was released for galaxy y but it was not working at all it was have pixelation problem and was not playable.
But few days back a member of xda developers shared a fully working lag free apk of the game. and surprisingly it has been fixed and working great on galaxy y.

so you can download the apk from here.
and the best part is you do not need any root or cf3d in order to play this game.
Thank you so much to the one who has patched the game. i can't give any credits right now because he is unknown.


Saturday, 4 May 2013

Simplicity ROM V5 - Quick light & Modded for Galaxy Y

Rom Features
1. added jelly bean layout
2. 14 Toggles
3. added jelly bean usb mount/unmount
4. Voice Search
5. Touchwizz
6. added extended power menu
7. removed unnecessary mods,apps
8. ninesky browser
9. added jelly bean styled phone calling mode
10. battery charging bug removed [while switch off ]
11. battery bug removed while charging[ when switch on]
12. some ui changes + more smoothness.....
13. No kernel integrated
14. S3 themed!

init.d scrips used
Loopy Smoothness tweak
Ram optimize
Adrenaline engine
Driodwall Modules

How To Install
Go into CWM
Wipe data/reset
Mount everything
Install Zip from SD
Select the rom zip
Wait untill media scan is complete
Reboot back the cwm
Mount System
Install zip from SD
Select the Status Bar Mod zip

Download Links
Rom zip -
Status bar mod -

PORTED BY marcussmith2626



Tuesday, 23 April 2013

11 Lockscreens for GALAXY Y

Now every time to get a lock screen we need to search for various apps in the market, or search for flash able files on the internet. Buy i, personally do not like them because of two reasons-
1. We need to install one app for one ONE lockscreen which is quite messing up.
2. Most of them (all most all of them) are advertisers. Annoying Ads in notification drawer, on home screen, which is very irritating.

But a member of XDA-developers developed a very awesome flash able app which contains 11 pure lockscreens. (rings, bubbles, swipe etc.) This app is developed by SaM-RoN of XDA, some of you may be knowing this member because he always made surprisingly awesome things. (Many thanks and credits to him)

This app is easy to install, you do not need to flash any files other than the app, no modifications or changes on system files is needed too. The app works with all roms (stock and custom)

But, as you know that galaxy Y have a compulsory lock screen (The blue wall we need slide) even though we choose "none" in system and security. This leads to a small problem that is, we have to unlock our galaxy Y lock first than the custom lock appears, and no one likes to lock their phone twice. well the solution to this problem is very simple, all you have to do is to install an app called "No LOCK" The app is few KBs in size and free in market.

Download Multi-Locker: Click here.

How to install-
1. download the zip file from the link above.
2. Place it on your sdcard.
3. switch off your phone
4. now start your phone in recovery mode by pressing Volume+ key, home key, and lock key together.
5. now select apply update from sd card.
6. Now select CWM (If you don't have CWM already, download it from here)
7. Now go to "mounts/storage" and make sure everything is mounted (It should appear like- Unmount xxx)
8. now press back and select install zip from sd card.
9. choose zip from sdcard.
10. now select the multilocker zip file you pasted.
11. once installation completes, press back and select reboot.
12. Thats IT! ENJOY!
Click image for larger version

Name: set_icon1.png
Views: 3111
Size: 106.0 KB
ID: 1896413   Click image for larger version

Name: set_icon2.png
Views: 3078
Size: 59.0 KB
ID: 1896414   Click image for larger version

Name: set_icon3.png
Views: 2973
Size: 82.0 KB
ID: 1896415   Click image for larger version

Name: set_icon4.png
Views: 2986
Size: 73.6 KB
ID: 1896416   Click image for larger version

Name: set_icon5.png
Views: 2857
Size: 97.8 KB
ID: 1896418  

Click image for larger version

Name: set_icon6.png
Views: 2526
Size: 50.3 KB
ID: 1896419   Click image for larger version

Name: set_icon7.png
Views: 2966
Size: 65.4 KB
ID: 1896420   Click image for larger version

Name: set_icon8.png
Views: 2347
Size: 78.2 KB
ID: 1896421   Click image for larger version

Name: set_icon10.png
Views: 3173
Size: 95.9 KB
ID: 1896423   Click image for larger version

Name: SC20130420-012530.png
Views: 2374
Size: 107.7 KB
ID: 1896424  

Click image for larger version

Name: set_icon9.png
Views: 2345
Size: 92.9 KB
ID: 1896432  

Saturday, 13 April 2013

[APK]Google Play 4.0 for all Devices

Screenshot_2013-04-09-06-42-55 Screenshot_2013-04-09-06-43-23 Screenshot_2013-04-09-06-46-28

Google has officially announced Play Store 4.0 which it will be rolling updates today on all android devices running 2.2 Froyo and above.
The new Play Store really does look a lot better, especially on tablets.

Install it as normal Apk
Download Link

The APK signed by Google and upgrades your existing Play Store. 

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