Thursday, 5 April 2012

Asphalt 5 HD

Asphalt 5 HD for samsung galaxy y or any QVGA android phone

here is one of the best racing games for android phones by gameloft. the racing game lovers will really like this one.
here is the tutorial on how to make this work on galaxy y or any qvga android phone-
1. root your galaxy y or any qvga android device. if u dont know wat is rooting or how its to be done then click HERE
2. download the APK file LINK-HERE (pass= sgyhdg)
3. download the data for sd card. LINK-HERE (pass= sgyhdg)
4. extract the data folder and copy the files to- sd card/gameloft/games/Asphalt5
5. paste the apk file anywhere on your sd card then install it.
6. start Chain Fire 3D (Chain Fire 3D tutorial HERE).
7. go to "default open gl settings" and tik- "reduce texture quality" and also tik- "reduce texture size", then go to use plugins (right under "reduce texture size) and select "QUALCOMM"
8. minimize chain fire 3D
9. start the game and ENJOY!!!!

video here-

if u have any questions then leave a comment! and to request a game click HERE


hi! can you help me play asphalt on my galaxy Y
the problem is when you start the game! it can't play the video

it says that video cannot be started at the start....what to do,,,???????

hmmm many people facing the same problem i will me updating to the latest data files soon. u need to wait 2-3 days more!

the game keep force close.....
what's wrong...??

hello sir.. whenever i try to open asphalt the screen is out of range in my screen..i followed every detailed you have mentioned.. i hope i can get solutions asap...thanks

it is running slow on my samsung galaxy y

I'm facing the same problm..when i start the game,,it says,the vedio can not be played..please help :(

just open the data file in your pc nd search for .mp4 there r 7 videos....just convert them to .mp4 with 240x320 resolution nd replace with original data will work

friend search my blog for a post "gameloft "video cannot be played" error fixed" it is the solution.

how to reduce lags?????

use chain fire 3d and swapper also clear your ram before starting the game

why does it rn slow in galaxy y its vry lagy!!!!

no!I got this problem when im ruuning Asphalt 6 & N.O.V.A "Sorry,this video cant play"I followed the step carefully already.. why?=(

asphalt 5 doesn't run in my galaxy y. it says sorry video cannot be played. then i converted all the videos file into resolution 320*240. this time it says u need 2 download additional data. again with original videos i opened chain fire 3d and THEN I SELECTED option "disable map buffer EMU" .. this time the game worked but it was very slow... so plz help TO run this game properly....

download the video fix from here--

asphalt 5 not work on galaxy y with out overclock

Dude, I download and replace videos and then open its work but when I play its very slow on my sgy so plz fix It yaar.... I am fan of this game plz fix it as soon as possible..... I am waiting for the answer.....

Not working on galaxy y duos. When i enter the game it says video cannot be played then force closed! Please fix it man. And please mail me the data files to

hoe to install asphalt 7 on my galaxy y gt s5360 please helpppp..

how to run chainfire 3d please help

foR All Of THoSe WhO get thE ErroOr "sorry video cant be played"
1:Note the name of the video for exp intro.mp4 in game data.
2:Open ur camera and make atleast a 30 second video.
3:rename this video to the video of the game
4:replace the game video with your recorded vieo
5:woila !!!!!!!!!!! i have tested WOrrkS thouGh thE lAgs :(
And SooRy For bAD EnglSHhhh :)

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