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Sunday, 12 August 2012

How to play Tekken 3 on any ANDROID device

The most Played game in history of Play station, You can now play on your Android.

First Download FPse + bios from HERE

1.Install FPse
2.skip everything now press the menu key, the left side key, A pop up appears, select settings, there will be many options like video, system, input etc.
3. Now select system- then TAP on bios, now locate the bios which you downloaded and select it
4.choose default config.
5. Save it

Now download the Tekken 3 rom from HERE

1. Extract the 7z file
2. Open FPse and locate the game file (the iso file which you get after extracting the 7z file) and select it.
3. Game starts! ENJOY!!

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Yr yaha Pe To Kioi BIOS Opt de hee nai rha :|

Jb Me game Lgata Hu To Main Screen Khul Jata He Wtf =@ =@

the file can't be extracted please help fast...

which file? fpse+bios or tekken rom?

hahaha nice game!! no log!!! . any other games that i can play w/ fpse sir??

yea! u can play any ps1 game with it! you can download any ps1 game rom and play with fpse!

so i will get this ios fil from taken7z???whats the size of that ios file???

i will get the ios file frm takken7z???whats the name of that ios file and whats the size??!

The file can't be extracted rom. Please help me

I cant extract bios fil plz help..

you need 7zip to extract it

u do not need to extract bios file !!!

sir, when i start the game fight its error screen crack. What can i do sir please help. Thanks

sir, when i start the game fight its error screen crack. What can i do sir please help. Thanks

try reinstalling it bro, and let me know if it worked then...

Sir help me icant download fpse file.what can i do please help me sir

Download links are working fine, you just have to wait for 5 sec to skip the ad then you will be taken to download page. any way here is the direct link-

Sir i cnt dwnload fpse file wat can i do plz help me

what error are you getting?

i getting black screen then force closing it/.... vat to do

hey plz upload delta force ps1 game

Rg vijju sir can u give me ur personal contact number

because i need ur help sir plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz or contact me 9858138007

plz sir plz

According to media review aggregator Metacritic, the game Tekken 3 received a score of 96 out of 100 points indicating universal excellent reception !
Tekken 3 Game (Download Play Online)

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