Saturday, 7 April 2012


N.O.V.A HD on galaxy Y or any QVGA device

ever played crysis on PC? same fun here! the alien FPS war is here more than 10 types of weapons. another  
game by game master gameloft. called NOVA
here is the tutorial-  
1. root your galaxy y or any qvga android device. if u dont know wat is rooting or how its to be done then click HERE
2. download the APK file LINK-HERE [fixed]
3. download the data for sd card. LINK-HERE
4. extract the data folder and copy the files to- sd card/gameloft/games/nova
5. paste the apk file anywhere on your sd card then install it.
6. start Chain Fire 3D (Chain Fire 3D tutorial HERE).
7. go to "default open gl settings" and tik- "reduce texture quality" and also tik- "reduce texture size", then go to use plugins (right under "reduce texture size) and select "QUALCOMM"
8. minimize chain fire 3D
9. start the game and ENJOY!!!!

video here-

if u have any questions then leave a comment! and to request a game click HERE


I have a problem. What if I don't have a folder named 'gameloft' what should I do? I tried to create a new one. Then run CF3D, minimized it, then opens Nova, but nothing happens. I don't know what to do. Please help. Thanks. :)

thank you for your comment, actually you have to made the folder 'gameloft' manually. then made another folder in it- 'games' then paste the data files for which i have given the link! then install the APK of NOVA. then start chainfire, do all the necessary tiks and minimize it and then start the game. it should work then! :)keep visiting the blog for more games and apps! :D

Hey there,I've done ur step perfectly.But it still can't work.How can I play this game.Help me.

what error are you getting? (do the setup again bu reading the tutorial carefully)

Yes,I've follow the instruction carefully.But it still can't work.

please tell me that are you getting any error or any crashes or any thing else?? tell me, then only i can help you!!

Hey frnd tell me how can root i phone.

hi there! first of all your answers-
you can play some hd games without root but you cant play many of them because galaxy y is a low end device which is not meeting the specs of the games.
yes i have rooted my phone, at the second day after i bought it :D
rooting dont harm your phone at all it just simply gives full access to your phone check out the ROOTING page on my blog.
please tell me if you want a video tutorial on rooting the phone. i cam help u more at email. so email me at-

Hey friend thanks for suggestion. agar hum wi fi se hd games ka sd data dwnld kare toh kya game bilkul perfectly chalti h.

when i play this game it come white screen

Dear admin, I just make a new folder names gameloft n inside that folder is games n next is nova, n i just paste it...but nothing appears when i open this game....all the steps i follow...but its always blank page.

Hey admin,i've followed every step u mentioned game is nt shows blank screen n goes back to home screen....:( plz help!!....:(

Hey Bro Thank u For Every Game.... .. I owe u one.... And Nova was working First. But Now it doesnt even open. It says Sorry vedeo cannot be played and for Avatar also its saying video cant be played. Im using Samsung Galxy y

use chainfire 3d everytime you run the game!

use chainfire 3d everytime yiu run the game!

1st time i opened it
it made me download something
then like what you said
video cannot be played
when i reopened it
it still the same
video cannot be played
i even tried launching it via
cf3d via per-app openGL setting
With the same settings (reduce,reduce,qualcom)

but still the same

Great game..!
I luv playing dis game on my sgy.

hei every one i heard you got same problem like me maybe this can help you:
1. you must download a game when first time you open it the game say you must required to download some patch then click yes (gangstar, asphalt5 this game is required you to download that patch)
2. if you using Samsung Y go to task manager then click on active application, click end on the game that say need to download
3. after you end it you can extract the file......

NOTE: Some times you need to convert some video in the game, maybe this site can help you but i can't guarantee it....

Dude stuck in 3rd level in virus room...

The game is force close on my sgy

hey i did all the steps mentioned but it says ,"this video cannot be played"
will u plz fix it

just search on my blog for "gameloft "this video cannont be played"..... and you will get a post on how to fix it :-)

3rd level work??
I can complete it ?

its a problem its not working its always force closed and did not appear grapichs what can i do plss teach me how to solve this i tierd to dl this

hey any say this video cannot be played if u use that gameloft this video cannot be played its solved that problem???

Why i cannot play. Her no cannot text' video cannot play.. Why how to i do.. I very sad.. Who want help me. Just call me number 0164787131
malaysia speaking

well the game works but gets stuck in 2nd level where u have to save some auxillary room its not getting stuck well no monsters are coming nd nad no door is opening ! :(

its not the problem of game or phone :-) its a tricky level, watching walkthorough may help you!

I dont now what to do i do all tiks i take a folder of sd data to gameloft>games paste i launch the game and it close i try again ant it close again what i have to do? Srr for bad english

. start Chain Fire 3D (Chain Fire 3D tutorial HERE). has removed how i can found it?

the video cannot be to fix it admin?

Dear Admin, Please help me. when i start the game, the game was go onto black screen and the video is cannot be play. how do i fix it? ASAP

bro in my blog search for "gameloft this video cannot be played error fix" from that post download the video file named logo and replace it with the vdo file also named logo in the nova data folder. now it will work for sure. please subscribe on youtube and like on facebook :-)

data didnot start download in mediafire it comes that' data beloongs to suspended account' plz tell me about this

man fix the data link it contains apk

Just white screen with a sound

working perfect....on my samsung galaxy y..

i'll help admin answers the questions...
1 install the apk (donn't open yet)
2 then paste the data in gameloft/game/nova(place here)if the folder doesn't exits you can make it one.
3 now install chainfire3d install drivers. reboot.
4 open chainfire3d choose default openGL check reduce texture quality, reduce texture size.scroll down select choose plugin and select qualcomm
5 open nova (oh no can't play video)don't worry.. just open NOVA again wait and see...
Ta-Da works (for me :D )

if u have a problem in the video cannot be played problem its to simple to solve just search on the google the replacement video for nova !

all of u are dying just for this ! are u all retards !

it wont fit my screen >.<

Bro.....the game stuck at virus room
what to do ........

Hey why when i want to play the screen is black with no gameloft logo(usually on gameloft games there is a gameloft logo)and it straight away closes without any sign of force close

Hey why when i want to play the screen is black with no gameloft logo(usually on gameloft games there is a gameloft logo)and it straight away closes without any sign of force close

Hey Im new here... Ive played the game on my sgy... the game works perfectly regardless the "video cannot be played"... The problem is that it doesnt fit entirely on the screen... I can see only the 1/4 part of the game... pls need assistance

This comment has been removed by the author.

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