Tuesday, 30 October 2012



Download ROM- http://www.datafilehost.com/download-1df6f337.html
CWM SKIN- http://www.datafilehost.com/download-2aedf257.html




KERNEL | savieSGY#60REV2 


  1. De-Odexed
  2. Zipaligned
  3. Recompressed APKS
  4. Optimized APK Images
  5. Rooted
  6. BusyBox and BusyBox run-parts support
  7. Apps2SD enabled

  1. EXT4 File System Support
  2. CIFS
  3. Swap Support
  4. BaCeM Tweak
  5. UnderVolt Support
  6. Firewall Support (DroidWall Open-Source Project)
  1. Mobile BRAVIA® Engine
  2. xLOUD™ Sound Enhancement Technology
  3. SRS Wow™ HD Sound Enhancement
  4. Beats™ Audio Enhancement


  1. Smart Zipalign - Automatically zipaligns system and user apks during boot to optimize memory usage
  2. DB Optimizer - Automatically defrags and optimizes *.db files for faster app launch
  3. Data Cleaner - Automatically cleans junks in /data folder
  4. Turbo SD - Speeds R/W of SD Cards
  5. Turbo Boost - A combination of Chobits Nitro Speed, Kuro tweaks and other tweaks for optimum performance
  6. Lag Nullifier - Loopy Smoothness Tweak by lpy customized for Hyperion ROM
  7. Hyperion-Log - A log file so you can check which tool ran during boot. You can find it in /data/local/temp/Hyperion-Log.txt
  1. Built-in Ads Blocker host file
  2. RapidBoot Tweak
TouchWhiz Launcher
  • Supports 5-icon dock
  • Supports Task bar Transparency
  • Supports Landscape orientation
  • Supports up to 9 home screens (actually it's 12, but it looks not -so-nice)
  • Icons are arranged alphabetically
  • New App Drawer Animation

Saturday, 27 October 2012

download from Torrent directly on your phone. (U torrent for Android)

ĀµTorrent Beta - Torrent Appdownload torrent from your phone. Utorrent official android application is here.

Mediafire LINK


Google play


Monday, 22 October 2012


One of the best basketball game ever. It took me sooo long to make this game work for galaxy y.

any way here is the tutorial-

Download the apk from HERE
download data for sdcard from HERE ((extract using 7zip)
install the apk
now kill apps and open the game
it will ask u to download the data click yes.and wait for 10 seconds after download starts and the stop download and close game.
now connect cell to pc.. and go to android/data.. an new file with a similar name will be created.. copy name of that file and delete it now.. rename the extracted file with that name
now dissconnect ur cell and go to manage applications and clear the game data.
now open chainfire 3d and use qualcomm plugin with reduce texture quality and size.
now start the game and ENJOY!

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