Tuesday, 23 April 2013

11 Lockscreens for GALAXY Y

Now every time to get a lock screen we need to search for various apps in the market, or search for flash able files on the internet. Buy i, personally do not like them because of two reasons-
1. We need to install one app for one ONE lockscreen which is quite messing up.
2. Most of them (all most all of them) are advertisers. Annoying Ads in notification drawer, on home screen, which is very irritating.

But a member of XDA-developers developed a very awesome flash able app which contains 11 pure lockscreens. (rings, bubbles, swipe etc.) This app is developed by SaM-RoN of XDA, some of you may be knowing this member because he always made surprisingly awesome things. (Many thanks and credits to him)

This app is easy to install, you do not need to flash any files other than the app, no modifications or changes on system files is needed too. The app works with all roms (stock and custom)

But, as you know that galaxy Y have a compulsory lock screen (The blue wall we need slide) even though we choose "none" in system and security. This leads to a small problem that is, we have to unlock our galaxy Y lock first than the custom lock appears, and no one likes to lock their phone twice. well the solution to this problem is very simple, all you have to do is to install an app called "No LOCK" The app is few KBs in size and free in market.

Download Multi-Locker: Click here.

How to install-
1. download the zip file from the link above.
2. Place it on your sdcard.
3. switch off your phone
4. now start your phone in recovery mode by pressing Volume+ key, home key, and lock key together.
5. now select apply update from sd card.
6. Now select CWM recovery.zip (If you don't have CWM already, download it from here)
7. Now go to "mounts/storage" and make sure everything is mounted (It should appear like- Unmount xxx)
8. now press back and select install zip from sd card.
9. choose zip from sdcard.
10. now select the multilocker zip file you pasted.
11. once installation completes, press back and select reboot.
12. Thats IT! ENJOY!
Click image for larger version

Name: set_icon1.png
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Name: set_icon2.png
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Name: set_icon3.png
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Name: set_icon4.png
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Name: set_icon5.png
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Click image for larger version

Name: set_icon6.png
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Name: set_icon7.png
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Name: set_icon8.png
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Name: set_icon10.png
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Name: SC20130420-012530.png
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Name: set_icon9.png
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Saturday, 13 April 2013

[APK]Google Play 4.0 for all Devices

Screenshot_2013-04-09-06-42-55 Screenshot_2013-04-09-06-43-23 Screenshot_2013-04-09-06-46-28

Google has officially announced Play Store 4.0 which it will be rolling updates today on all android devices running 2.2 Froyo and above.
The new Play Store really does look a lot better, especially on tablets.

Install it as normal Apk
Download Link

The APK signed by Google and upgrades your existing Play Store. 

Monday, 8 April 2013

Subway Surfers for galaxy Y and other QVGA devices [smooth and lag free]

Subway surfers is one of the most popular game on Android but unfortunately it does not work on devices like Samsung galaxy Y although the hardware capabilities are enough to run the game. But some members of XDA developers has finally made a modded version which is working absolutely fine on QVGA ARMv6 devices (like galaxy Y) 
Member msnnsm basically modded it for galaxy ace (HVGA) but initially member   Drago9oiD optimized it further for devices like galaxy Y.

You do not need any root or chainfie 3D to play this game. Working great on original stock rom.

Download the game-click here

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Draw and Paint Awesome App

Draw and Paint is an cool app. You can not only draw in it but also color your drawings. The app includes over 70 color-able pre loaded drawings. Which also includes most of famous cartoon characters! You can try different colors on you favoutite cartoon character and can see which one suits it best. Draw and Paint includes up to 70 coloring pages for all ages!
It also includes a free drawing space to draw whatever you want!
You can save all of your coloring and all of your drawings and show them to your friends, family and whoever you want!



Friday, 5 April 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Live wallpaper for Android devices.

Galaxy S4 Live Wallpaper, beautiful water drop ripple effect with floating light particles.
Now with dragging light particles option!

Asphalt Surfers (Game similar to Subway surfer)

Subway surfer is one of the most popular game on Android devices but it is not supported by all the devices. But Asphalt surfer is really nice and cool game like subway surfers.
★ Asphalt Surfers is an exciting Skateboard game, you will be skating around MIAMI city trying to reach the highest score!
★ Go wild in the Skate World!
★ The way to play is very easy!
★ You can get the points multiplier and reach a much higher score!
★ Turn and Run as fast as you can! 
★ Be careful of Bombs around the City!
★ Use your abilities to get more Golden Coins!
★ You can play using SWIPE or TOUCH controllers ! 
★ Hoverboard Surfing! 
★ Amazing sound effects! 
Join this amazing race for Coins and Points!
Great Graphics

The game is free in the market- DOWNLOAD


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