Sunday, 3 June 2012

Real Football 2011

Real Football 2011 on galalxy y or any Android device!

Thinking about a realistic football game in your android phone? Here it comes, Real Football2011 apk & sd filesGameloft has come with the new android football game  Real football 2011 apk & sd files which has lots of fantastic features for the soccer lovers. Gameloft brought the game  to an all-new playing field for the most realistic soccer experience. Prepare for totally new graphics and motion-capture-based animations that will impress even fans of the series. this is your chance to be a Real Soccer champion, just like David Villa, in the most exciting sports simulation to date. Enjoy varied game modes plus Multiplayer to challenge your friends, then show the world your best replays by uploading them directly to YouTube!

  • Every character & stadium was rebuilt and combined with motion capture animations to push the definition of “life-like”.
  • Jump into soccer's most exciting moments in History mode & alter the course of the game's most epic matches of all time.
  • The game is deeper than ever with a whopping 350 teams, 14 leagues and real player names thanks to the FIFPro license.
  • Manage and lead an entire team in Club Master, or step into the spotlight and control a single player's life in Enter the Legend.
  • Challenge your friends to epic matches in Multiplayer.
  • Dynamic camera angles, coach reactions, player celebrations & more make every minute of gameplay feel like a live broadcast!

And the best football android game does not even needs root!!!!
here is the tutorial-
1. download the APK file from HERE
2. download the data for sdcard from HERE
3. extract the data folder and paste the "realfootball2011" folder into- sdcard/gameloft/games/
7. install the APK
8. start the game!! (gameloft will ask to upgrade the game to new version- select "NO") (you may get an error "video can not be played" just click OK)
9. ENJOY!!! the most fabulous football game on your phone!!
(guys i earlier posted that you have to replace the video files but there was no need to do that. so if you have permanently deleted your old video files then download them from here- HERE
Video here-

if u have any questions then leave a comment! and to request a game click HERE


Thanks for updating. :-) Can you upload more FPS games.I love FPS.Plz Plz B-)

its asking to download additional data.

it says your phone requires additional software wat 2 do

sorry bro, but u dont have to replace those video files. i have correct the tutorial now. sorry again

sorry bro, but u dont have to replace those video files. i have correct the tutorial now. sorry again

now just paste the original video files again. if you have permanently deleted them then download them from this link-
again i am really sorry

Can You Plz UPload Tekkin(any Part) Plzzzzzzz :)

data will be in gameloft dolder but apk file should be move where

any where you want on sdcard :-)

my phone is not rooted and not chainfire 3d available phone is simple can the game will play?

Yes you can play the game! there is NO root or chainfire 3D needed

first go to my youtube channel, 1st subscribe, then search for "how to root galaxy y" and follow the video

i have to ask that file is extracted or not or which file to be copied

no dont extract!!! just download file and paste directly on your sdcard

what to do for recovery mode explain it clearly

switch off ur phone and then press volume up + home + lock button together for 15 sec

When I go to recovery mode and press home button for update from s d card then it not read card and not search any file and return back to main menu of reboot what to do please help

i dont have the folder gameloft .. i make it ?
and put the files then into ??

The link of sd data dosent work

realfootball2011 game is not working in my galaxy y

It works on samsung galaxy y..Tested on My SGY..Ehe..

why it says (download additional) using wifi ..but i try it dosent work ...i use galaxy y .......please help me

bro i cant find the vid that u r saying!! requires another software data!!

hey it says that no valid data when i go to download li9nk help :(

I cant get it to run, says this copy is not original. I've deleted it and tried again still same error

How to fit on my screen ? Bro please help me! :'(

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Im using galaxy n7000 cant open this game bro.

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