Wednesday, 2 May 2012


AVATAR HD on galaxy Y or any android device 

finally here it is... official  android game of most EPIC movie !! AVATAR by gameloft.
i really got exhausted to make this game work on SGY but i finally make it!! HOORAYYY!!
here is the tutorial-
1. root your galaxy y or any qvga android device. if u dont know wat is rooting or how its to be done then click HERE
2. download the APK file LINK-HERE   (fixed)
3. download the data for sd card. LINK-HERE (fixed)
4. extract the data folder and copy the files to- sd card/gameloft/games/
5. paste the apk file anywhere on your sd card then install it.
(now turn the phone in flight mode or simpally disable all internet access otherwise the gameloft detects the game and it say- "not an original copy" of game! )
6. start Chain Fire 3D (Chain Fire 3D tutorial HERE).
7. go to "default open gl settings" and tik- "reduce texture quality" then go to use plugins (right under "reduce texture size) and select "POVERVR"
8. minimize chain fire 3D
9. start the game and ENJOY!!!!

if u have any questions then leave a comment! and to request a game click HERE


Why can't i run d game? I downloaded and installed everything..

why can't i install the apk file...?
it said "problem parsing the package" or something like that..

Hey panz.This problem happen to me sometimes.You just download it again.It won't appear again.

I downloaded ur .apk provided file three times but it said THERE is a Problem parsing this Package so plz fix it fast.

use plugin powervr and made offline mode, i think this is will be work...

i have replaced the apk file with the fiwed one now download it, it will work fine!

there was actually a problem in the APK but now i have replaced it with the fixed one.

Link was.Remove from violation :(

which link? tell me please so than i can fix it :-)

the fixed link of avatar apk doesnt open in mediafire it shows nothing in mediafire.

Use Dolphin hd browser...and go to settings-user agent and set as desktop and all problems will be over..

Hey...wen install the fixed apk file it says tat memory is full but still there is 22 mb memory is there in internal memory...pls help..

Link for the apk was.Remove from violation again :(

fixed again and now permanently fixed!

Hey It says Not an original copy. wat to do bro? Plz help

bro its already written in the tutorial that you have to keep the phone in flight mode otherwise the gameloft will detect the game!

Hey Its In Flight mode only Dude.... Pleaase Help ... And the size iz not fedusing ...Wat to do ?

Hey Please bro. It also says Vedeo canlt be played. Please help me. And fast

I installed da game did every thing perfectly but while starting it says "sorry can't play the video" plz helppppp me bro....

bro search on blog for a post "gameloft "video can not be played" error fixed" it is your solution :-) please like my blog on facebook and subscribe on youtube (if you have fb and youtube ids)

hy man d link of data cart is not working plz fixed it as soon as...


hey thanx bro for informing me, i have fixed the link! :-)

it says not orig. copy helppp!

bro i have alredy mentioned in the tutorial that you have to keep the phone in fligt mode or simplly disable all internet connections otherwise game will connect to gloft server and gets detected! so reinstall the game and keep phone in flight mode!

data for sd card: This file is no longer available because of claim by DtecNet Antipiracy. Damn :(

pls fix the sd card data link :-(

For data files it says the file link u requested is not valid....plz fix...

it say please activate your internet connection in order to register your copy of ......< the last word is over the screen. could u fix this

Bro ..i am usng samg galaxy fit .when what plugin should I use in chainfire3 d ...and when I open the game with power vr and qualcum (chainfire3d) but when I start the game it ask me to downlode extra data ...pls help me brooo....

Your both d links is invalid plz update ittt asap....

Brooo if you dont mind can you give me your phone number because i wnt to tlk to u nd wnt to disscuss some thing about some games plzzz rply.........

sir is this gonna work smoothly on my galaxy y like N.O.V.A?


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