Monday, 22 October 2012


One of the best basketball game ever. It took me sooo long to make this game work for galaxy y.

any way here is the tutorial-

Download the apk from HERE
download data for sdcard from HERE ((extract using 7zip)
install the apk
now kill apps and open the game
it will ask u to download the data click yes.and wait for 10 seconds after download starts and the stop download and close game.
now connect cell to pc.. and go to android/data.. an new file with a similar name will be created.. copy name of that file and delete it now.. rename the extracted file with that name
now dissconnect ur cell and go to manage applications and clear the game data.
now open chainfire 3d and use qualcomm plugin with reduce texture quality and size.
now start the game and ENJOY!

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R u tested it ?i tried and dont wrk on sgy

It aint working man..why dont u post a video tutorial that'll be great see is to believe who knows u might just bullshitting with us....excuse my language its my norm....i'll highly appreciate if u do..

yes i its working perfectly, please tell me what problem are you getting?

bro it is working perfectly! tell me what problem are you getting!?

I try to open, it says checking update... and force close
i did everything properly, but please upload a tutorial if really working

hey men my problem is it says check update then I connect it from internet but it says connection failed and some license from a given website. please put tutorial for this!

it doesnt work!!! if you can to play this game show us tutorial!!!


then upload the tutorial now!

hey so nc but can u exctrack the data in to torrent file plsss

video tutorial im excited to see your tutorial video

Hey bro why dont u upload tutorial if leally workink??
Plz make a tutorial...

i will make the tutorial, thats my promise but please wait

Can you tell me- frontline commando works on SGY or not? Thx

Make a video man thats the leasts u can do.....

not working do someting :'(

PLS VIDEO TUTORIAL :)) xcited for galaxy y thanks sir..

why you people do not subscribe on my youtube channel?? i already uploaded the video tutorial but it was removed by youtube due to copyrights claims!!!!!!!!!

can u upload the video tutorial plss .. dont remove no matt. wat happ.

its 2013 now.. and still no vid???? :(

crap!! go to my youtube channel !

sir ..i dont see ur nba jam vid...only i see is fifa..

Does it really work dude ?????? M thinking to download it.....pls reply me fast so that my net memory is not wasted by downloading it!!!!!!!

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