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hello guys,
i have made this page so that you can tell me if u want any game for your android phone (not necessary galaxy y). i will try my best to post it here !!
(You must me a SUBSCRIBER on YOUTUBE and a FAN on FACEBOOK)
just leave a comment telling the game you want!!!(with YOUR youtube user name and FACEBOOK user id)
i will really appreciate it!


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hi, i got a samsung galaxy Y but i cant open any mediafire page correctly

i tried it in the default broser, and opera mobile...
(the links are not down, only that i know)

i have not any computer

hi there, thank u for ur comment. i want you to download dolphin HD browser, this is the best browser for galaxy y and it will surely open the pages correctly. keep visiting my blog for many more games and if u want any game then request it on request game section.

i want asphalt 6 for galaxy y . plz give me this game for galaxy y.i will be very thankfull to you.

Bro can u upload gta 3 for galaxy y .and plz tell me whether it will work on sgy or not

hmmm GTA 3 well i don know but i had uploaded this earlier but it was working for some people and not working for some, so i removed it from here. i am working to fix the problem so that it will work on every SGY. but personally it dont works for me but, yes, the same game i given to my friend and it was working fine for him! i will find the solution soon! till then you can enjoy many others cool game i am posting here!!

im not a admin of this blog...but i like helping...
anyway...gta3 is will work in sgy bt some black screen prblms trying to recover this,pls wait i'll find a soltn for you guys...

bro, there is on armv6 till now! i am also trying to make it work on armv6 but every try is failing. u have to wait for sometime but i will provide it soon so keep checking my blog! till then u can play aother cool games which i posted here!!

then pls give me that apk.i will try my self...pls send the link to my gmail..

Can you make a tutorial on Siegecraft?

hey bro, your game is here-

(if clicking did not works then copy and paste the ling in your address bar :D

Hello Admin!
Could I please request a game called "Touch Mix"
for galaxy y? Thanks :)

hello there, your game is posted on the blog.(link here-

(if clickin dont works then copy and past the link in your address bar or simply search for 'touchmix' on my blog! :D

You could test the GTA 3? I saw a video of him running on the Galaxy Y.
Part 1 ~~>
Part 2 ~~>
Part 3 ~~>

Hi! I have a Problem playing Asphalt 5 on my Galaxy Y
It can't play the video of the game

hey bro u r awesome mannn. can u please post an new hd war/action game that will surely work on my galaxy y. thanks for such wonderful blog

can u get virtua tennis challenge or cross court tennis working on galaxy y...

Bro. asphalt 5 don't work, it says video cant play. Tell us what to do. Thanks

i know many people facing the same problem. i will upload the latest data files soon which will work perfectly. u need to wait 2-3 days !

hey bro, your game has been posted here! "cross court tennis"
search it out on my blog. please subscribe to my youtube channel also if u have a youtube account and please hit the g+ button on my blog!
thank you!

Hey buddy I have downloaded gangster rio and asphalt 6 but I cant install it it says application is not installed..plzzzzz reply fast buddy....

thanks for uploading cross court tennis.....can u also get gun bros and street fighter 4 hd working with sd files

Hey..buddy I cant play any hd games on my galaxy y....plzzzzz plzzzzz help me reply fast I will be waiting.......

Can u get working street fighter 4 hd on galaxy y....

ya sure. as soon as i finish with asphalt 5 i will post street fighter 4. u may need to wain 3- 3 days. thanks for being Patience

this is because the game are made for high end devices like- galaxy s2 and galaxy note. but dont worry thats why u are here! i will make them work on galaxy y and similar devices soon.

which game ?? the one u have downloaded from my site or from some other source. please tell me.

thanks i'll surely wait for it....and also thanks for cross court tennis its working great.....

Hyeeeee again....i have downloaded nova and 3 more games it was smashing....and one more thing...... could u tell me how to download asphalt 5 plzzzz tel me....

i think u r not following the steps correctly. asphalt 5 has some "vdo cant play error" so wait till i post the fixed data files.

can u please tell the name of the game so then i can check myself

street fighter 4 i had posted... check it out B-)

Thanks for that....I would also like to request more games because I dint know how to make it compatible.....can u please get brother in arms 2 hd.....also in nova 2 its asking to download more data even after placing the data....please help....and where is the g+ button here I can't find it.....thanks

thanks for posting street fighter 4....can u also get brother in arm 2 global front hd and nba jam working on galaxy y....thanks

this is a rocking blog 4 sgy.
can u post modern combat
sandstorm & RF12 for sgy?

i get the error in soulcraft hd game on my galaxy y it says create player name but nothing happens plz help.

thee street fighter is not working....starts downloading data on starting the game....what to do????

Hi can u plzzzz upload dead space hd for galaxy y.
(thankz in advance)

Hi can u upload Modern Combat HD for galaxy y? Thx. Your blog is great.

ur game has been posted- (search out on my blog!!)

please do me a favour- please hit the g+1 button on my blog and posts and also subscribe to my utube channel if if have utube account!!

ya sure but u need to wait for 1- 2 days :D

ya sure but u need to wait for 1-2 days :D

its not a error just tap some letters and press the enter button. (u may need to look hard bcoz they really small)

NBA JAM for sgy :D pls :)

you are so nice buddy. keep it up. :) thank you so much for your efforts

Hey bro try to upload nfs hot pursuit i think it works on galaxy y i am.having data downloading problm in this game

I tried my level best but the keyboard doesn't write anything.

I downloaded ur .apk provided file three times but it said THERE is a Problem parsing this Package so plz fix it fast.

hey dude can ya upload Modern Combat Sandstorm and Modern Combat Black Pegasus and Modern Combat Fallen Nation????

Hi. Can you upload Call of Duty Zombies?

Hey great job man i really appreciete your work but when i try to download games such as hero of sparta assasins creed from mediafire its showing file removed for violation plz solve this problem and i have another request can u make a tutorial resident evil 4

Please send ne the apk and data link
e-mail. - maheshy560@

imidatially very hurry
because mediafire always sa
id error

hey buddy please upload fast five hd for galaxy y

please post an hd game of assasins creed i'm a huge fan of that game

hey 2 of them are alredy here and i will post some more very very soon. make syre u check everyday!

just 2 days more to wait :D

i have the same problem , i cant load any mediafire page even i use dolphin browser . please help me , if i open a mediafire link it loads but after it load it displays blank page :(

bro your game has been posted on my blog. kepp telling me more games u want!! make sure u hit the g+1 button on my blog and subscribe to my youtube channel also!!

man can u get screencast video recorder working for galaxy always says application not installed...

please post an hd game six guns, I really want that game...

hi bro can u upload
brothers in arms 2 and also can u tell me where is ur g+ button i cant find it

i will fix it very soon. and your game brother in arms has been posted on my blog and the g+1 button is on the left side on my blog and also subscribe to my you tube channel also. make sure you follow to be updated. :D

Hi i hav one samsung galaxy y gt-s5360 and i want that u uplod GTA 3 the full game for SGY its a request pls uplod for me i love thev game too much

thanks bro you are doing a great job ive already hitted the g+ button and ihave a request can u upload more cool games and please dont stop blogging and updating new games thanks again

i request ninja saga for galaxy y bro

Hey bro can u pls uplod extreme formula for galaxy y pls its a super cool racing game so pls upload the game

bro your game has been posted on my blog. keep telling me more games u want. :D

hi bro can u upload spiderman total mayhem please i am a huge fan of spiderman

Can i have SHADOWGUN for my galaxy y plz??

can u pls upload Modern combat 2 and 3 for SGY

bro can u upload mass effect infilitrator plzzzzzzzzz

posted :D tell more games u want!

thanks bro can u also upload spiderman total mayhem plzzzzz
(thanks in advance)

how to get minecraft on samsung galaxy y????

hey bro can u upload minecraft pocket edition for my s.g y (armv6)

hey bro can u upload minecraft pocket edition for my s.g y (armv6)

hey can u uplead minecraft for samsung galaxy y..i would really appreciate it..thanks ^_^

hi bro can u upload max payne its my faviorite ps2 game

Hey can u pls upload don 2 for Sgy its a cool game

hi bro can u plizzz upload transformer hd game for galaxy y.

plzzz upload MOTOGP........for galaxy y

hi bro you r not giving replies to me plzzzzzzzzz post the games max payne spiderman modern combat and other cool games if still want me to follow ur blog and facebook a.d youtube channel

heyy bro i downloaded gta 3 and i convert the three videos to 320*240 resolution but after start game videos play correctly then i tap on stat new game it load after that it freezes on my samsung galaxy y..... plzz help me wt to do luv gta series...

Hi, could you upload 1 of modern combat series ? If you will upload it plz replay.

Hey Same request Here. Plzzz Upload Modern combat black Pegasus

Hi, could you upload 1 of these games :
modern combat 1
modern combat 2
Well if you can't upload 1 of these games then could you upload minecraft PE

can u upload modern combat and backstab games for my galaxyy please

hey bro i really liked ur link i hope u will post NOVA3 coz i see this game so ggod :)

Can u upload destroy gunners sp ice burn i think it wont need chainfire 3d or root its a nice game though

posted. thanx for reminding :-)

hey can u upload temple run brave and fix the old temple run its not running after we complete 250mts

temple run brave has been uploaded. ols one will be fixed in 2-3 days :-)

sir., were kan i find temple run for galaxy y ??


i also like to have virtua tennis plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz try it out.........

hey buddy backstab plzzzzz

hey men plzz upload mike v skateboard party for galaxy y :D

or gta 3 for galaxy y plzzz :D

hey bro!!!!! i wan temple run and temple run brave..... temple run brave in ur site is not working properly... need help plz!!!!!! thanx in advance... n gr8 going bro!!!!!

bro your game has been uploaded! :-) please like on facebook and subscribe on youtube!

the game works on galaxy y but its not so simple to run it but dont worry i am trying to find an easy way to run it on galaxy y

hey man can u pls upload TNA Wrestling iMPACT! for galaxy y gt-s5360

can we now play backstab hd in galaxy y? please upload this game for our galaxy y...thanks....:-D

hi, i also have galaxy y but asphalt 5 is showing big and mooved out of my screen what to do.........
And please try upload asphalt 7, if it works for y.

hi bro, please upload the amazing spiderman for my galaxy fit

nba jam on galaxy y please

elder brother I have downloaded nfs shift,it started in my new samsung galaxy y but after that the screen went black but i heard the sound what can i do plz tell me.even i tried to lock screen and unlock but didn't work. and the game was running

Hey, any PvZ for SGY? Please. Thanks a lot!

Plant Vs Zombies for SGY?

I download N.O.V.A HD and it works on my galaxy y but there is no sound in game... plzzz help me and I'll subscribe you...plzzz...

amazing alex and how to run it !

Hi, admin i have dwnloaded gangstar(2)HD frm ur site i unzipped n copied to my sd crd, ran the .apk file, it installed prfctly, n opened the game bt it says "video cant b played", latr on screen comes showing "game contains coarse language and dialects tht shld nt b reproduced" nxt the game shuts off,,n my home screen is back. { plz hlp me,, i am succesfully playing gangstar1 bt nt able to even run the GNGSTR2 my dear} i feel is it a question of free internal space?? cz i hav only 30mb of internal space remaining in my SGY,shal i need to delete ganstr1 n make more free space to run Gngstr2 game.

Highway rider for galaxy y

uploaded! check out my blog! :-)

could you Please check if there is a way to play the amazing spiderman by Gameloft on my SGY



I copy nfs shift data files to Android/data/ but then also it is demanding to download files.

plz help me

hi please upload nba jam for galaxy y

Hi ur blogg is awsome can u plz upload modern combat 1 for sgy and six guns and max payne or 9mm working. For s gy....thankyou ....

I want god of war, can u upload the game? Please.

Please please please

Farm Frenzy 2 & 3

World Of Goo

for samsung galaxy y duos

yess nc website this i like this but plsssssss upload modern combat 1 or 2 tnx

hey you tnx plsss upload fight night for galaxy y!!! plsss fight night if u amazing? u ipload fight night

Hello I had downloaded the apk. of spider man total mahyhm and downloaded the data on my phone but when i will run the game after the first video had been played then my phone vibrate ,then vibrate again and game is closed.

THANKS FOR GAMES AND APPS....................

I had downloaded skateboard party and trail xtreme but the game graphics not good
HELP ME.....


hey men plssss upload nba jam and fight night plsssssss rply ka

owww thats my admin... ahh admin can u help me hehe in brother in arms 2 its not working in part of africa on the move hey can u solved my problem i Pray to God plsss help me in brother in arms 2 plsssd reply faster than othedr admin :-)

Can you upload nba jam for sgy i will be very thankful to you.???

ow yeah plss upload nba jam for sgy i will be very very thankful to you i like nba jamm and plss uploaded that i will be very proud of you if you upload that nba jam or fight night nba 2k11 im ok for nba2k11 plsss upload this game 2k11 jam
3.fight night round 3
5.modern combat sandstorm
plss upload that game if you upload that i very proud of u
i think your very tierd to upload that 5 games but your so amazing =D

hey blog admin im happy 100% happy to discover this website but im sad to search this game modern combat sandstorm for galaxy and nba jam for galaxy y its not posted in here website but im happy to this website thank you blog plss upload all gameloft for sgy all gameloft and ubisoft games plss upload noww im just waiting for your comment for me


hey bro ,,

can you post The Amazing Spiderman ?
or maybe The Dark Knight .

man I love SuperHero Game,

I love that Game,
will you Upload it ??

bro the armv6 compatible is not there till now but spiderman will be available soon

Dude why did you skip me the heck?!
Can you reupload a working version of NOVA 2 for galaxy Y????????????? Please answer me I'm starting to unlike this blog :/

bro i am not able to reply because there is something wrong, i am not able to reply to comments any ways NOVA 2 i uploaded earlier but it is ban from every file storage. i will try my best to give you working links. and don unlike please :-)

I was starting to unlike you because you skipped me and I'm not "important" enough as the others.. but since you replied to me you're ok..
I hope you will succeed to get NOVA 2 for galaxy Y..
thanks bro.

heyyyy Please reply ..... I had checkd 40 times your blog.......PLEASE REPLY MAN????????????>>><<<<<

That what happens when you tick "reduce texture quality" bro ;)
Most HD games will work on galaxy Y only when this option is ticked so you have to deal with it.. :)

mr "rg vijju" football apk file is not working on my galaxy y'i follow all the instruction you've post but it appear on my screen that it recommend to use wifi to downlaod the file. what seems to be the purpose of " realfootball11_data_rar"? my phone is rooted and also installed a creeds rom.

Can you upload and football manager 2012 for sgy?

oh man hey you im tierd to request game because you will not comment my request plss upload nba jam in another blogspot nba jam si uploaded but still problem server error plsss can u try upload without no force closed no server oeero and video cannot be plyaed tnx u rply meeee i will like ur blog if u comment and reply me

bro i uploaded nba jam earlier u must grab it that time! any way i will give u mirror links in 1 to 2 day

And for NOVA 2 too? :)

ahh thank u but in sunday i wait your nba jam upload but maybe your will not upload nba jam without problem like nova 2 high version im sure ur so very tierd to revive nova 2 plsss nba jam :-) im pilipino im 10 years old pls gift me a games like nba jam

please fm 2012! Tell us if it cant work! sry 4 eng

hola amigo por favor as que funcione el fast five en 3d en el galaxy young te lo agradeceria mucho

can u upload battlefield bad coompany 2 in sgy plsss if u upload that i give u a wisdom hehe

this is my last comment plss upload battlefield bad company 2 in sgy if u not reply my post i will reject this blog and i started to unlike this =D

all people are here plss dont be afraid plss try visit this website try to look this website.... this website so good and very nice than this website galaxyynation ew

NO, galaxy4gaming is the worst blog ever. I hate the blog admin, he said he fixed the links but he didn't!

hey this modern combat 2 is working in galaxy y

HEY kaycee, you said nova 2 works on your galaxy y, can you upload a video/the links of NOVA 2 for galaxy Y?

hiii bro pls upload 'i must run'

that nova 2 its not complicated to ur sgy device but if u use chain fire 3d will working... but still many problem im not answer ur problem bossgames plss request to rg admin to solve ur problem.... wait what is your problem in nova 2

WTF I know it is working with cf3d you idiot.. the problem is force close after loading 40%..i know you are lieng because nova 2 works only with force close on galaxy Y.
That's why im asking to make a working version of NOVA 2 for sgy.

Can u give me the link of morden combat black pagsus and tell me how to install morden combat black pagsus on galaxy y

Can u give me the link of morden combat black pagsus and tell me how to install morden combat black pagsus on galaxy y

hello admin, can u please upload the inotia 4? i'm really wanted to play this game. plssssssssssssss...

hey i just want to ask,why this my gangstar mv cant play? it said that "sorry, this video cannot be played" please reply? help :)

Nba jam plssssssss upload that

it wrks fine thanks for the video files and all but the game is toooo laggy perfomence. pls help
how to fix that !

Can you upload urban crime for galaxy y and please check that it work on galazy y or not

Hw to dwnload games on it
I hv galaxy y
I dnt a computerplz help me
Pz ry..!!??

Hola, quisiera el juego Cross court tennis.
Muchas gracias! Buena pagina!

Hi bro m ua big fan i want nba jam,fifa 12 n madden nfl 12 for ma galaxy y ...can u fix these games???? if u do dis so il b vry happy n glad fo u

plz upload gangstar rio for armv6 devices

how to run asphalt 6 adrenaline in my rooted galaxy y

Hi sir..
I like to mention my fav. game in my ipad.
the asphalt 7...can you add asphalt 7??
ty ty ty ty.

bro i want temple run on my galaxy y !! may i ???

I cnt run any of those hd games, its always shows large screens, i followed every step properly from rooting to installing chainfire, downloading and installing d games, lyk hero of sparta, plss help me!!!

asphalt 5 not wrking in my galaxy y starting and switch of any solution plz answer me

please upload the amazing spiderman and the dark night rises for samsung galaxy y i will be very thankfull to you..

dead space....after downloading nd pasting the file it still comes download extra content ! Y ?! where else shuld i paste the data folder ???

it is possible to play zenonia 4 in galaxy y ?

I like to have an app "facelock"
On galaxy y

yes,ived download it right nw but,its a little bit laggy,better use chainfire.
admin. .ive been looking for gta3,ived manage to run it to select a new game,bt it stuck at loading the game,

Hey dude can you upload X-RUNNER game for galaxy y, it is my fav game , I play On my friend's galaxy note . So plz make it for sgy... thanks in advance ......

can you fix the link bcoz link is dead im from philippines my friend.. and i want to play that game u customize for a low end like galaxy y bcoz im amazed with that technic of ur brilliant mind tnx

Hey bro I want to play prince of persia classic on my device but after installing it, it says data resources cant be found or cant download data as you may not have purchased the app I am a big fan of prince of persia u know how disgusting it is when you can't play the game of your choice plz do something quickly

podrias colocar shark dash

asphalt 6
please my youtube channel fubukisan50

i need minecraft PE for galaxy y

Fifa 13 or Fifa 12 for galaxy Y...
facebook id:

plss make REEL STEEL on galaxy pocket

dude please make reel steel for galaxy pocket or any qvga phones beacause its too good and everyone will enjoy it

modern combat series & shadow gun for galaxy y plzzzzz..

Hi, bro i m follow the tutorial of nfs hot pursuit... But when im open the game it again ask for data.... I have galaxy mini... Pls help me....

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