Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Castle Master (ARMv6)

Castle Master on galaxy Y or any QVGA device!

♥Romance of the three kingdoms’ Strategy + Diablo’s Action! ♥ 
Full 3D Action Strategy Siege Game, Castle Master! 
Massive Battle of 600 will thrill you! First 300 vs. 300 siege battle on mobile! 
With 300 followers, go destroy the gate of the enemy castle! 
Humans, abandoned by God for their arrogance and greed, were deprived of all their 45 castles by the evil hordes from Hades. 
And the last knightage gathered together for the barely survived young prince. 
Starting from an action to take back the castle ‘Gaia’, humans’ counterattack begins now! 
Lose yourself in the world of a classic RPG! 

Download the APK from HERE and install!

if u have any questions then leave a comment! and to request a game click HERE

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