Friday, 8 June 2012

How to flash GALAXY y with odin (reinstalling phone's software) the easiest way!!

so i don't know how but you have bricked your phone (if your phone is showing black screen or loop restarting), and now you want it back! :D
well its easy, all you have to do is just flash it with odin.
how to flash-
1. Download the Odin kit from HERE (fixed)(all files included)
Video Tutorial-

written tutorial with pictures-
2. Extract the RAR file you have downloaded and you will get the following-
 >S5360DDKK1_S5360ODDKJ3 (folder which contains the stock rom i.e 2.3.6 )
3. Now turn off your Samsung Galaxy Y (just for make sure is completely off, remove the battery for a few sec and put that back
4. Connect the cellphone (via USB cable) to PC  
5. Press Volume[-] + Home + Power to boot in Download Mode
6. Hold the buttons until a warning screen with choise show up.

7. Select Continue (Volume[+]), then it`s go to download mode

8. Now open Odin3 v1.85 (application)
9. now click on "pit" and select the "u1_02_20110310_emmc_EXT4.pit" (you will find it where you have extracted  the folder)
10. Now in "files [download]" check all- "BOOTLOADER", "PDA", "PHONE", "CSC"
11. now click "BOOTLOADER" and select the "BOOT_S5360DDKK1_REV05.tar" file
12. now click PDA and select "PDA_S5360DDKK1_REV05.tar" file
13. now click PHONE and select "MODEM_S5360DDKK1_REV05.tar" file
14. now click CSC and select "GT-S5360-MULTI-CSC-ODDKJ3.tar" file
(all the above .tar files you will get in "S5360DDKK1_S5360ODDKJ3" folder)
15. now check "Auto reboot" and "F.reset time"

16. now make sure you are getting this yellow line (this shows that device is detected by odin)

18. Wait until ODIN give feedback respon PASS
19. it`s mean the flashing proccess is complete. Samsung Galaxy Y will auto reboot.

note- don'y get panic and worry if you have done something wrng during process because you can do this process again and again because your phone cat't go in any worst stage than this :D if you need a video tutorial then let me know. :-)

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thanx...finally got back my stock rom

cun u give a video tutorial dear because when I click on start it failed

thanx saved ma life...wrkd gr8 fr me...

Can I do it with Mac is 10.4.11

no this ODIN is only for windows, but mac version of odin is also available

thanks man your great!
but if I failed I will tell you if I need the video tutorial thanks man...

done but odin is not responding.. it's stock in setting up connection v.v

I got always failed ...
I do it 4x

Downloading fails on boot

how many time it will take to complete???

My samsung galaxy y wont go into both recovery mode and it just show the black skrin only if i restart my SGY... what shoud i do???please help me!!!

watch the video tutorial on my youtube channel (go to youtube and serch for "rdx545" and serach for "how to flash galaxy y with odin" also subscribe there)

Odin didn't detect my device.What should I do?Pls help!!!!!!!!!!!

first connect your phone then start odin, it will suerly detect it also watch the vdo tutorial. :-)

how to install urdu hindi language support????

check whether you have installed the Samsung Kies first...

can i do the same for my galaxy y duos?

Thank you very much,,I thought i ganna pay this phone for my friend. I am the one who able to brick this phone and now its solved ,,
Again thank you very much it is very helpful..
Can i load automatically other version of ROM like Hyperion 8 instead of the Gingerbread?

i have done it but there is problem my shows galaxy y logo...again again...means..boot loop animation

hey man where can i download pda s5360ddkk1 rev.tar file...... plz help me to get the pda file .......i'm searching for that file more than 4 weeks

download the odin kit from the link given above. it contain every thing

thank you so much bro my galaxy y is back to normal....from cebu philippines...

pls help me i cant see the yellow line :(

hey it always show setup connection and does not go after that so wAt to do please tell me

my pc always says "device driver was not successfully installed" what should i do? it bothers me a lot!!!!

pls help me i cant see the yellow line :(

Please help!! LInks are not working!! And i don't have PC i got Mac.. Please help me. I would really appreciate it

It works \m/* thanks a ton bro : )

For Those whose yellow light ain't showing it means the phone is not connected to the pc Please Install Drivers For Galaxy Y Or Samsung Kies(Which I Prefer) No More Problems ;)

my phone stuck on set partipition



Plz help me sir i have done everything what u say but still failplz tell me how to back my phone. Plz plz plz help me

plz u can give the new link of odin kit plzzzzzzzzzz

Thanks Men ! You're so Great !
in Filipino term, "Anq Lupet Mo!"

Super Thanks Men ! God Bless !

tnx now my sister's phone is now working...:D

i dont get the yellow line WTF

problem with the yellow line :( pls help

i cant complete the download. it always stop at 0 sec. and the file on my doc. is Unconfirmed 141323.crdownload please help me. i want to fix my phone

Sir I did everything correct but when I click on start nothing happens the green loading does not start I waited for 20 min but nothing happened
Plz help

hey odin is not detecting ma cell phone


How to get those .pit .csc. boot loader files for flashing...My phone in serious trouble..Please send me links to download...

Guys! I have the answer of your prob about the "no yellow" like u said..
U need to have this!
read the instruction carefully and there u go!

all the processes are done but after starting the setup struck as it is no process is going no help plz

is there anyone can help me on my samsung galaxy star duos s5282.? pls pls ! T_T

Give me A link to download the file ??

mine is so sloww it stay in setup connection what will i

the file i downloaded is not in tar md5 extension but in disc image file something, I've extracted it from winrar and it is not in tar md5 extension

Bro i want to try this tutorial for ma galaxy y pro duos. Here is tar.md5 file format. How to extract it...after extraction of zip file i got this file. Here is no such files likes csc pda modem. In the sgsy rom i was founded that but in this file here is nothing like that. Plz help me bro.

odin file not download plese send odin file link my mail

plese send odin+files my glaxy y is not working I need it

plese send me odin kit my mail id

stock on setup connection... what should i do?

i love you man :dD tnx alot . you save me :) :*

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it says "FAIL"
All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)

What more can i do?

failed first time i tried then i tried again and now its working. thank u, saved me

USB UNRECOGNIZED what to do..??

why my odin was not detect my phone??
help me lpss

This comment has been removed by the author.

i have intex aqua y2 WHICH IS BRICKED what to DO!

yelow line dont appear.. what should i do?? help

This comment has been removed by the author.


This solved my issue although the version for odin I used was different. But thank you for this information.

Can you also help me with the boot loop issue in moto e first generation?

The battery symbol shows up, led blinks, phone restarts and goes to black screen and the process repeats restart black screen and when try to hard reset it doesn't happen and it again restarts. I'm using kitkat.

It would be great if you can help me with this.

Thank you in advance. Waiting for a early reply.

I downloaded your link but when i plug the mobile I don't get the yellow line my device is not detected by odin. Please sir can u help me?
I would appreciate it if you reply sooner.
Thank you!

Plz give us CSC link
Firmware link for y5360

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