Friday, 1 June 2012

The Dead chapte one

The Dead chapte one on galaxy y or any qvga device

Overrun with the living dead, the young family seeks refuge from the city to 
their safeheaven, the cabin in the mountains. But they are fresh out of 
luck. The zombie infestation has reached even this peaceful remote outpost.
Now you have to do all you can to protect your wife and daughter.

tutorial here-
1. root your galaxy y or any qvga android device. if u dont know wat is rooting or how its to be done then click HERE
2. download the APK file LINK-HERE
3. install the APK
6. start Chain Fire 3D (Chain Fire 3D tutorial HERE).
7. go to "default open gl settings" and tik- "reduce texture quality" and also tik- "reduce texture size", then go to use plugins (right under "reduce texture size) and select "POWERVR"
8. minimize chain fire 3D
9. start the game and ENJOY!!!! 

Video here-

if u have any questions then leave a comment! and to request a game click HERE

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